Thursday, October 25, 2012

Blog Watching

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I had no idea of the amount of blogs out there in cyberspace until I actually started to blog. It’s phenomenal. I wasn't under the impression that David Jones and I were the only ones, but that didn't prepare me for what is out there. And, as is the case with everything on the internet, some are better than others. So, I’m going to add an extra dimension to this already multi-dimensional blogby covering some of the better ones and any good articles I come across.

Most of them are focused on the job market in America, where life is a little different to over here. Take this article in The Wall Street Journal, that tells us about a woman who got a job by only using Twitter. Two things I note about this. Firstly, knowing Ireland as I do, Twitter isn’t that big over here, but it is catching on. Secondly, she is looking for a job in social media, so it makes sense that she would use a social medium to job hunt, and it is no surprise that she secures a position in this way. The article fails to mention this, so don’t expect this method to work for any other profession!

And to give credit where credit is due, I caught onto this article from Clue Wagon, who wrote a post entitled Why This Whole “Get a Job Through Twitter” Thing is Complete Crap. The article makes a very valid point - that you get jobs through humans - but I recommend a full read of the post.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

SEO Mag Blog

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